Tuesday, December 15, 2009


it's all coming back and i'm confused...
If someone were to ask me at this very moment 'do you regret it?'
Right now... as i take a deep deep deep drag... i'd say yes.

I don't know why, it all came back... one image after another.
Right now it feels like everything is going to tumble.
That uneasy feeling of change and how it's going to end.

I don't like it.

Will we fight over the same thing, because i can feel our friendship fade?
Will we fight over nothing because that seems the easier way out of a messy situation?
Will i be left on my own, because i don't have a choice?

Argh... It hurts, all of it.

I don't feel the same. I look around and i feel nothing.
No ties to anyone. No loyalty. No love.

All i want to do is pick a fight! A BIG ONE
so that once that wound is made...i can feel.
Will i feel it though?

*sounds of crickets*

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