Monday, March 22, 2010

My light in Shining armour...

These days it seems that everything is reversed.
What's my day is everybody else is night and what's my night is everybody else is day.

I guess when taking on a project like the one i have, it's inevitable that this would happen.
How could it not?

But does that make me not interested in anything else?
And because the world is working normal, but I'm backwards (really when am i ever not)
Is it ok to assume the rest of the world will go along with it?

Well all i know is that...This is My project and even if i have to bend a few rules (time,space, physics, sleeping patterns) I most defnitely will...

Wouldn't you?

This project has got me S.P.R.U.N.G
I live it...I breathe it... And I look up at the sky and ask my Homie to give me the strength to work harder.

And i thank him for giving me friends like i have. Who at a drop of a hat, coincide with my backward-ness and make it possible for me to even attempt this.


"I'm weird cos i hate good-byes..."

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